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We are determined to make Fanavaran Sanat Boroudat Co. an honorable name as a leader, a creative force, and a standard-setter, with the approach of promoting the Iranian Industry, at any time and place in the steel and aluminum steel industry.


Fanavaran Sanat Boroudat Co. proudly announces its mission to all the stakeholders inside and outside the organization, as follows, and will always set its guidelines accordingly:

- Improving productivity until gaining high rankings and meeting the needs of the market in steel and aluminum pipe production field

- Establishing a safe and secure place in quality, standard-setting for production and supply chain of steel and aluminum pipes

- A professional, scientific and reliable source for our valued customers


Fanavaran Sanat Boroudat Co., as the leading and pioneering company in Iran, began to produce a variety of steel and aluminum pipes with the diameter of less than one centimeter more than a decade ago, using the modern technology of the world. The equipment of this plant are assembled in an area of ​​6,000 square meters and in halls of ​​3,600 square meters.

Thanks to God, the All Powerful, and owing to the trust of our valued customers, we will endeavor to achieve a complete self-sufficiency in this field, although we have been able to meet the needs of 60% of Iran's market, which is an indication of the ability and effort of the noble Iranians who do not hesitate to make any attempt to reach the highest places. The family of Fanavaran Sanat Boroudat Co. has also paid ample attention to job creation for our noble compatriots, creating value for the country, gaining global standards and succeeding in exporting to other leading countries in the industry of refrigeration manufacturing. It goes without saying that the support and cooperation of our respectable customers has always been and will be considered, and Fanavaran Sanat Boroudat Co. is committed to use its full potential in management and technology, in order to internalize the feeling of complete satisfaction in its respectable customers. The valued customers can trust our professional team to provide them with the raw material for their production. Because we have accomplished the highest achievements with their genuine sympathy and support, and we will maintain this success, since we believe

sky is the limit.



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